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(Proposed for the DNP Cohort, Fall 2018)

Tuition and fee schedule is available at all times in the administrative offices of the program for review by prospective students, enrolled students and/or faculty or administrative staff. School of Anesthesia Fee structure is subject to annual review. Increases in tuition and fees are assessed in the Fall of each year. Proposed tuition and fee structure are subject to change!

  1. Tuition:
    • Clinical Practicum: 29-month program
      Year 1: $31,280.00
      Year 2: $31,280.00
      Year 3: $15,640.00
    • Academic Affiliation (La Salle University 45 credits MS): $35,908.00
    • Total (Tuition Einstein Medical Center Montgomery and LaSalle University): $114,108.00
  2. SEE (Self Evaluation Exam) Fees: $500.00
  3. Certification Examination Fee: $995.00
  4. Required Program Textbooks: $1,000.00
  5. Associated Program Expense Fee: $1,000.00
  6. Simulation Fee: $6,000.00
  7.  Student Activity Fee: $3,500.00