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Mission Statements

Nurse Anesthesia Program Mission Statement

The Nurse Anesthesia Program didactically and clinically educates highly competent advance practice nursing students to satisfactorily complete the Nurse Anesthesia Program’s terminal objectives and achieve certification as a nurse anesthetist by the NBCRNA upon program completion. By satisfactory completion of the Nurse Anesthesia Program’s terminal objectives, the student will enter the profession of nurse anesthesia as a safe, independent, clinically and culturally competent practitioner capable of functioning in a wide variety of anesthesia practice settings.

Einstein Healthcare Network’s Mission

With humanity, humility and honor, to heal by providing exceptionally intelligent and responsive healthcare and education for as many as we can reach.

By ‘with humanity’ we mean
with humanness and benevolence

By ‘humility’ we mean
with a modest view of our own importance

By ‘honor’ we mean
with due esteem and reverence

By ‘heal’ we mean
to restore physical and emotional integrity, bring into balance or provide comfort, whether for body, mind, spirit or community

By ‘exceptionally intelligent’ we mean
by relentlessly reaching for the most comprehensive and incisive knowledge

By ‘responsive’ we mean
by anticipating needs and responding in a timely manner

By ‘as many as we can reach’ we mean
those in the geographic and demographic communities that we serve

Please Note

Due to change in program ownership, applications are currently on hold.

Please check back as updates will be posted to our website as they are made available.

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